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The Gabor Difference

When Gabor was founded in 1947 the average employee’s annual wages were $2,850, the average cost of a new house was $6,600, and the average cost of a gallon of gas was just $0.15.*  While many things have changed since then, our core principles have not.  At Gabor, customer service is not just a department- it is woven into the fabric of our entire company.  Backed by a statewide team of financial professionals, we are here to serve you.


Gabor Financial Solutions has been in the relationship business for over 70 years, and throughout our history there has been countless changes.  These changes include the insurance companies we work with, the financial products they offer, and the ongoing needs of our clients.  Through it all Gabor has remained committed to serving our clientneeds with best possible financial solutions.  We represent you, not the financial institutions whose products we use.  Gabor is constantly monitoring the marketplace to ensure that we continually provide competitive, well priced solutions from the most reputable and highly rated financial services companies.


Most of our financial solutions are easily obtainable via payroll deduction in coordination with the Universities and Colleges.  Many of these benefits are also portable – meaning our clients can continue their superior protection and retirement plans post-separation of service, and our financial professionals and staff continue to serve as a resource for you and your family throughout your entire lives.


We understand the value of having a financial plan, and the confidence that comes along with it.  We also believe the little things matter, and going the extra mile makes a big difference.  We always want to make sure that our service is focused on making your goals become a reality.  We are humbled that our very first clients, the public Universities in Florida, are still our clients today, and we are grateful for these relationships as they allow us to serve you.

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