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Gabor Community Involvement

Boys Town
At Gabor we understand the importance of giving back. We know that when our community thrives we thrive. Gabor is proud to support Boys Town North Florida in honor of the late Jeffrey Gabor and his unfailing generosity & kindness toward others.

The Boys Town legacy began in 1917 as an orphanage for homeless and neglected boys in Omaha, Nebraska. Founded by Father Edward Flanagan, Boys town focused on teaching young men how to be productive, educated, and caring citizens. Since then, Boys Town has expanded to 12 regions across the U.S. and now supports thousands of boys and girls in need, as well as their families. Boys Town North Florida has served local children and families since 1983.

For nearly a century Boys Town has given at-risk children the family, support and care they need to overcome their circumstances and realize their potential.

Gabor honors the Boys Town North Florida organization with special events throughout the year:

Gabor Day- Gabor Day has become an annual tradition at Boys Town North Florida. The Gabor Agency along with the family of Jeffrey Gabor come together to give back to this wonderful organization. We put together a variety of events for the children and their families to enjoy. These events give us the opportunity to appreciate all that this organization does for these families. We get to participate alongside the Boys Town team and the families they work with.
The Gabor Award
Gabor recognizes the hard work and dedication of our University and College partners. Gabor recognizes non-faculty staff at the universities and colleges with annual awards. We get the opportunity to present these awards to the deserving recipients at an annual award ceremony.

These awards are presented to employees to recognize their dedication and continuing service to their departments and university throughout the year. Gabor is honored to present the recipients with a monetary award to thank them for their service and dedication. We appreciate all that our partners do to help Gabor succeed and for the opportunity to recognize the efforts of their staff and colleagues.

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