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Disability Insurance

For more information click here: Gabor Disability Enrollment Site

Why Do You Need Disability Insurance? Click here to see how to protect your most valuable asset

Many Americans put their financial security at risk because they believe a disability will never happen to them. Consider this:

  • The Social Security Administration estimates that 3 out of 10 Americans entering the workforce will become disabled before they retire.
  • Illnesses, not accidents, cause more than 90% of long-term absences.
  • Every 90 seconds, someone files for bankruptcy in the wake of a serious illness, according to the American Journal of Medicine.
  • Most workers believe their other benefits will cover lost income due to illness, when in fact nearly 90% of disabilities are not work-related and therefore not eligible for workers compensation benefits. (Council for Disability Awareness)
  • Many people do not have adequate savings to cover the average long-term disability claim of 34.6 months, almost 3 years, long enough to cause a possible lapse in health care coverage.

What does Disability Insurance Provide?

A group disability insurance policy provides an inexpensive way to help protect your income, your family, and yourself from loss due to an unexpected illness or injury.

  • Replaces 60% of your income tax-free to a maximum of $15,000 per month* payable to Social Security Normal Retirement Age (SSNRA**).
  • Pays an additional 11% towards an annuity contract if disabled more than 9 months.
  • Benefits begin after either 30 or 90 days, according to the elimination or waiting period you choose.
  • Covers 80% to a maximum of $20,000 to SSNRA for "catastrophic disability***."
  • Includes a Lifetime Benefit of 60% of your income to a maximum of $15,000 monthly starting at Social Security Normal Retirement Age in the event of "catastrophic disability."
  • Is available through convenient payroll deduction. No paper bills to pay.

* If you elect the 30 day plan, benefits from day 30 to day 90 will be paid on a weekly basis to a maximum of $3,462 under a Short Term Disability policy. After 90 days of disability, benefits are paid monthly through a Long Term Disability plan as described above.

** Social Security Normal Retirement Age means your normal retirement age under the Federal Social Security Act, as amended. Please reference the open enrollment brochure for the maximum benefit schedule for participants over age 62.

*** A "catastrophic disability" is one that causes the loss of two of six Activities of Daily Living or a severe cognitive impairment. Catastrophic loss benefits pay after 90 days of disability and must occur while you are eligible for disability benefits.

For more information watch the video attached Long Term Disability Video

Disability Information Resources:

For information about long-term disability, visit the official site for the Council for Disability Awareness.

Click Here for Frequently Asked Questions.

To Take Advantage of this Opportunity

New Employees
This plan is available guaranteed issue (no medical exam required) for new employees during their first 90 days of employment:

  • Review the NEW Employee LTD Brochure for additional information about the disability plans.
  • Complete the Enrollment form within the Brochure and turn it in to your Human Resources department.

Existing Employees
Employees applying for coverage outside of the 90 day new hire period:

  • Review the EOI Enrollment brochure for additional information about the disability plans.
  • Complete the Medical History Statement and Enrollment form within the Brochure. These applications should be sent directly to Gabor Financial Solutions for processing with The Standard. Gabor will notify you and your employer if you application is approved.

Existing Disability Participants Certificate of Insurance

If you are currently enrolled in the University's Disability program please see the links below for a copy of your Certificate of insurance. Please double check your pay check to make sure you are currently enrolled or call the Gabor office at 800-330-6115 x5.

30 day participants:
Group Short Term and Group Long Term

90 day participants:
Group Long Term


To a file a claim please complete the form below and send to your human resource benefit's office.

30 day participants

90 day participants

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